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These may be signs that your memory is not as strong as it once was. This is a signal to take action NOW! The changes in your brain have typically been going on for over 20 years but the time you notice your first memory slips. There are MANY things that can be done. Memory loss can be delayed, prevented and reversed. Scientific evidence has documented this.  There’s no one simple quick fix. Your brain is one of the most complex things in all of creation and numerous different things need to be addressed.

Take Vivolor’s Maximize Your Memory Challenge and learn exactly what to do to improve your memory now. We focus on clear actionable steps, with assessments, tracking tools and insight activities to help you create your own personal plan for good memory habits. Maximize Your Memory Challenge can be taken as ‘live’ zoom classes or as self-paced recorded modules.

Maximize Your Memory Challenge - AWARD WINNING

Memory Wellness Academy

Learn what daily activities hurt your memory and what actions help.

Maximize Your Memory Challenge includes 6 videos that cover Vivolor’s proprietary 6 pillars of memory health

Includes bonus Q&A session

In Maximize Your Memory Challenge you will learn:

Won Most Transformation Health Regimen 2021
5 challenge sessions plus bonus Q&A will teach you:
The challenge includes:

Learn what foods help your brain, what foods to avoid and when is best to eat.


Various types of activity are essential to memory health. Learn what to do and how much


Obtain dozens of ideas how to increase your peace and keep stress abated.


Learn the importance of deep, restorative sleep and tips on how to get it.

Treat diseases

Many health issues contribute to the pathology of cognitive decline. You’ll learn lots of ways to address these naturally


Your thought life powerfully impacts your brain function. Let’s get positive together!

If you employ these techniques daily for 3 months and do not have measurable improvement in your memory – you get your money back

The Maximize Your Memory Challenge was filled with amazing information about how to maintain a healthy brain. Susan's presentation was motivational, encouraging us to apply what seems most valuable to us. I highly recommend taking the time and putting in the energy to be a part of these classes.

I really enjoyed Maximize Your Memory Challenge. I learned lots. It opened my eyes to a whole bunch of helpful things including changing my eating and exercising habits.

Maximize Your Memory Challenge was food for my brain! I had no idea how much my diet affected my memory. I have a sweet tooth and was unaware that I was feeding my brain poison. The Maximize Your Memory Challenge that Susan gave had information and data from previous studies and was amplified by her experiential expert Dr Johnson. He has documented his memory health journey with 3 books about the impact of Susan’s products and teachings. The data and research presented was clearly presented without hype, which I so appreciated. Susan has a heart to actually help and it comes out in her voice with a powerful back story of her Mom’s memory loss.

I am so grateful for this Maximize Your Memory Challenge masterclass! Susan Gibson efficiently explained manageable ways to improve your memory and prevent dementia, citing sources that displayed the power of each recommendation. I learned I can easily change daily habits to have outstanding results. I loved the cognitive tests and Brain Health Habits Assessment that gave me a reality check on the long-term damage I could potentially be incurring. I made changes in my life that I know will help my long-term health and brain function.

I found Maximize Your Memory Challenge very enjoyable. Susan is a gifted presenter. It was a valuable educational and even life-changing experience. Though I am pretty health oriented, there was a lot of new information, data-driven facts and statistics as well as action items. I grew intellectually and by implementing them in my life. I highly recommend the Maximize Your Memory Challenge. It will encourage you and help you on your journey to brain health. Your brain is the most important organ in your body. It makes sense to invest in its health now.

Maximize Your Memory Challenge provided me with tangible, manageable steps to improve and invest in my memory and brain health. It is INCREDIBLE to know that Dementia is preventable! My grandmother suffered from dementia and it was heartbreaking to witness and experience. Imagine knowing now, that our family could have taken simple, measurable steps to prevent the devastating impacts of dementia. The Challenge is bolstered by Susan’s unique background, education and personal experiences. She is a combination of heart, backed by science. Susan is warm, engaging and has a proprietary formula to break down actionable steps everyone can take today, to ensure tomorrow is memorable, clear and beautiful. Susan Gibson is a gem and pure heart! I highly recommend this challenge!

Create A Healthy Life You Love!

Maximize Your Memory Challenge and Memory Wellness Academy focus on actions that are proven to improve cognitive function. Most of these recommendations will help improve your overall health and wellbeing as well. Your brain is connected to your body and the parts all work together. INVEST IN YOUR MEMORY HEALTH NOW!

Vivolor Memory Support

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