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vivolor® Memory Wellness Academy

better memory…  better life!

Memory Wellness Academy

Join our memory-minded community and access to our ever-expanding library of short courses, webinars, tip sheets, and tools that:

  • Provide Effective Memory Building Techniques
  • Gain deeper insight into improving sleep and reducing stress
  • Reduce barriers that hinder healthy lifestyle
  • Move you from aging to agelessness
  • Develop Positive Mental Attitude for Memory Enhancement
  • Dive deeper into the gut-brain and heart-brain links  
  • … and many more topics



  • 2 or more ‘live’ zoom events monthly
  • Library of materials
  • Private Facebook group
  • Q&A sessions


Preferably for completers of MEMORY MAX CHALLENGE.  If you haven’t completed the Challenge – take it now!  All the basics are covered there.   You can even do them both at the same time.  But don’t miss the Challenge.


Memory Wellness Academy – Buy now  $19.99/month

Memory Max Challenge taught you the basics of what you need to do to maintain your memory with over 100 actionable recommendations.  Memory Wellness Academy takes you to the next level providing a deeper understanding and additional memory tips 


There are many things you can do to improve your memory…

  • Practice proven memory techniques
  • Learn from experts in each area
  • Be part of a powerful community

What do you have to lose?

Memory Loss can be debilitating and destroys your sense of fulfillment in life.  Keep your memories and your joyful life as you age.  They are supposed to be your ‘golden years’.  Join us to learn how to keep them golden


Memory Wellness Academy is facilitated by:

Susan P. Gibson RPh MBA

Susan is a Pharmacist and Harvard MBA who founded Vivolor® Therapeutics. Her Mother had dementia and now Susan has a passion to help others keep their memory. Susan has received numerous awards, been a featured guest on television, radio and podcasts.  She is obtaining a functional nutrition license, is a certified coach and a brain health expert. 

Richard P. Johnson PhD

Richard is a Behavioral Psychologist and gerontologist who was Director of Behavioral Sciences for 15 years at a large hospital, authored over 40 books, is a prolific public speaker, counselor, teacher and thought leader in body, mind and spirit healing.